Hello Superstar Families!  It's hard to believe another school year is drawing to a close.  Teachers and students remain committed to finishing strong and maximizing our learning time.  While we will stay focused on academics, we also have several celebratory events going on to recognize students, parents and teachers for their hard work and accomplishments.  Please check our calendar for those events.  Also, please note the last day of school will be June 23rd.  Dismissal will be at 12:01 PM.

Security: In an effort to keep our students safe, we have added an additional layer of security. Beginning Thursday, June 1st we went live with our security intercom system. As you are approaching Sunrise’s main entrance, the video intercom is on the left wall. Follow the instructions at the intercom. Please be ready to state the reason for your visit. You will be asked to have a valid ID ready to display at the intercom. You will be invited to the office to have your ID verified.
Please note, the office cannot allow you into the building without a valid ID.
The safety of our students is our highest priority.

Patience please, as we try to be prompt in answering the intercom.

Patience please, as you wait your turn and not follow in behind another person.

Patience please, as we ask you to show your ID and then come ino the office to verify it.

Thank you as we work to improve our campus for all of our Superstars.

Lisa McNamara