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Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB)
Reporting Anti Harassment Information

If you feel that your child is being harassed, intimidated or bullied at school, in a classroom, locker room, after school activities, on the way to and from school, electronics, etc., please report the conduct. As a reference, school rules and regulations are posted in your child's school handbook. You may report to Brenda Sanders, Assistant Principal or Lisa McNamara, Principal, or, by contacting the school at (253) 841-8744 or e-mailing Janet Wojtala @ [email protected]
The Puyallup School District has an anti-discrimination policy (Policy 6590) and a policy covering harassment, intimidation and bullying (Policy 3207). The policies were revised and adopted by our Board of Directors in March 12, 2012 (Policy 6590) and May of 2011 (Policy 3210) as a means of providing the safest and most optimum learning environment for all students. Copies of these policies are available on the District website at or by calling the Office of Equity and Achievement at (253) 840-8966.
Each school in our District has a complaint or help box on site. Our (suggestion/complaint/help) box is located in the main office. The box is one method that students, staff, and families can raise issues of concern related to harassment and discrimination