Message from the Superintendent - August 2013
Message from the Superintendent - August 2013
Posted on 08/14/2013

Moving Forward In Improving Instruction:   


As an elementary school student in the early 1970s, my teacher, Mrs. Eileen Hester, explained to me the importance of learning to read well. She spent many hours working with my classmates and me to teach us the fundamental building blocks of letter sounds, word recognition, vocabulary, and sentence structure. She explained that one day, being able to read well would mean that we would be able to understand all that is going on in our world.


She also insisted that we learn our math facts and understand the underlying mathematical concepts, as well as perform the mathematic operation to attain the answer. Her recurring message to all of us was that “learning to read and understanding math is a ticket to the very best life has to offer.” Her words have proven to be true, time and time again, as the years have passed.


Dr. Yeoman with Kindergartner Ella Zieman

Mrs. Hester also made sure our parents and guardians knew her expectations for our academic performance. She viewed our parents as her partners in making sure these high expectations were also maintained at home. She strongly recommended that reading and homework be done every evening at home before turning on the television. Mrs. Hester always took time to ask us about our activities outside of school. She was a very big proponent of art, music, and sports. Most of all, she simply expected us to do well in whatever we chose to do.


More than 40 years later, I am so thankful for her insistence on high performance, her relentless reminders about completing our assignments, and her constant assurance that I could continue to improve as a student. I am also aware that her focus on parent involvement was crucial to our eventual success.


As we move toward the beginning of the 2013-14 school year, I am very excited at the continued progress our district is making to improve instruction. We are squarely focused on the growth and achievement of our students as they prepare for their future. As a district, we are very excited about the opportunity to partner with our students’ parents and guardians. It is through this team effort that our children will have the greatest opportunity for success.


In the coming school year our students will have opportunities to challenge themselves academically, engage in meaningful community service, and work as part of a team or performing group. I think of what Mrs. Hester would say: She would remind us that all of these endeavors are chances to learn and grow. She would expect our best efforts, and she would take time to let us know that we had done well and where we could continue to improve.


As a district, we look forward to working together with parents, guardians, and community members to ensure that each child is provided the basic skills and is challenged in a way that allows him or her to reach the highest potential. We welcome your questions and your observations, and we thank you for being our partners in helping children grow.


Have a great school year!


Timothy Yeomans