Safety in Entryways
Safety in Entryways
Posted on 06/08/2017
Safety in EntrywaysIn the Puyallup School District, student safety is always the first priority. Safety is also a great concern for parents and guardians. Currently, a primary concern is the main entry of elementary and junior high schools. Newer construction has provided schools with a vestibule system, which forces visitors to the main office. This design is in place at Edgerton Elementary and Carson elementary, Kalles Junior High, Aylen Junior High, and Glacier View Junior High.

Mario Casello, chief operations officer, said “With the increased awareness of school safety, we want to make sure that we have as many safety nets in place to do the best we can to ensure student and staff safety.”

To ensure students' safety. there will be a camera installed at the front entrance of several schools, including Sunrise Elementary, and a monitor and intercom installed in the main offices of these schools. Staff will be able to ensure that the person entering the building is authorized to do so.

The use of video intercom systems require visitors to be allowed access per their request and clearance from office personnel. In order for a person to be authorized to enter, they must have proper identification to show the office staff in order to gain access to the school.

When a visitor rings the video intercom system, the office staff are to ask the visitor’s name, reason for their visit and to please show identification.

Visitors without proper identification will be asked to return with their proper identification in order to be granted access and maximize the safety of students.