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2022-23 Officers

Co-President: Natasha Zack ( [email protected])

Co-President: Jennifer Tumelson ([email protected])

Vice President: Kimberly Mangrum ([email protected])

Treasurer: Renee Barkley

Secretary:Kim Klein ([email protected])

Teacher Liason: Riana Ball

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10.    It’s a great way to meet other families with children of same ages.
9.      You will become a greater part of your child’s early learning experiences!
8.      You can help raise money for a great cause - Your child’s education!
7.      You will get to know the teachers at school & understand their ideas.
6.      It is one more way to meet and talk with school administrators.
5.      You can create, plan, and execute fun events for the whole family!
4.      It is an hour or so off each month from your hectic household routine!
3.      Camaraderie
2.      You’ll experience feelings of self-worth through volunteering your time and seeing your efforts pay off in the smiles of your children and their friends.
1. And finally, The number one reason to join Sunrise Elementary PTA, WE NEED YOU!!

Sunrise PTA is responsible for fun and exciting events, such as Movie Nights, Book Fair, Autumn Fest, and many more!!  Without the support of our families, none of that would be possible.
Research shows that students whose parents are meaningfully involved in their education are more successful in school. PTAs lead the way to create an environment that encourages parent engagement. When we form a partnership between parents and schools and communities, we can work together for the benefit of all children.